rest from what

by Wolff Parkinson White

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Wolff Parkinson White's second album "rest from what" opens with a pretty synth line, which will be heard throughout the song in different permutations, it's grace soon destroyed by the entrance of the "drums" after two mere cycles of 5/8,4/8,3/8,2/8,3/8,4/8 which will remain the form of the song.

The second track introduces us to a quartertonal riff in 9/8 with the inevitable back-to-his-teutonic-roots breakcore freakout ensuing . The title track takes us back to tempered tuning in 13/8, the middle section showing off complete control over a simple delay and white noise snare drums, the frazzled ending seamlessly segueing into "day is long"- arguably the album's "ballad". Only on close listen we realise we're back to the 24 tone scale with an unsuspected 11/4 throughout. "Cock ring salad" is the oldest track on the record, the main line switching from middle to left, back to middle and right channel first once then twice, thrice and eventually five times each 13/8 bar.

"lonely out here" was written shortly after being introduced to Morton Subotnick's "silver apples on the moon" by Ben Monder, coincidentally , certain similarities of this track and Venetian Snares' "Huge Chrome Peach" can not be denied. The voice track is from an impromtu poem by overall social genius and trumpet player John McNeil unknowingly caught on tape. The next track calms things down a bit, but only until we get slipped 7/8 bars superimposed over the 11/8 we just got used to. A calming acoustic Piano rendition at the end makes up for it though, eventually

Next up is the runner up for album title, "american bathroom"- an exercise with the single rule of every sound having to immediately be repeated backwards ,culminating in a sort of a 3 part canon. Wanderpokal apparently uses an underlying bass figure that works in 5/4 and 7/4, as popularised by jazz drummer Ari Hoenig. Finishing up the album, the last tune is obviously a cheap attempt at syphoning itunes search hits and is set in an adequate 11/8 , with the only 9 bars of 4/4 ever in Wolff Parkinson White history, superimposed.


released November 1, 2010

Written , programmed and produced by Jochen Rueckert
All compositions by Jochen Rueckert ( ASCAP )
published by Colonel Beats music publishing
mastered by randy Merill at Masterdisk, NYC
Jochen does not play drums on this album



all rights reserved


Wolff Parkinson White New York, New York

Jazz drummer Jochen Rueckert has been programming hard-to listen-to electronic music since 2007, his non-jazz efforts are released under the synonym "Wolff Parkinson White", an innate heart disease he had the pleasure to live with, and are for sale here. Also up for grabs is Jochen's jazz album "we make the rules " from 2014 ... more

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